PlanB Disaster Recovery

Bespoke Disaster Recovery solutions for all budgets to guarantee your Disaster Recovery is professionally handled, delivering the results you need to keep your business operating regardless of what comes your way.

  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 24x7 Tech Support
  • DDoS Protection


The financial, regulatory, legal and reputational risks of failing to plan for such an occurrence are well documented. When thinking about disaster recovery it’s quite easy to be drawn into thinking “oh what's the chance of an earthquake on the Isle of Man” but in reality the need to temporarily relocate staff is caused by much more mundane events such as burst pipes.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity from planB will give your business all the essentials needed to maintain operation through incidents of any kind : power failure - IT crashes - fire - flood - utility outage and human errors.

PlanB from Netcetera will ensure that your business will continue to operate regardless of the circumstances, whether it’s a full blown disaster situation or a simple mishap we will ensure your recovery will be seamless and effective.

planB Disaster Recovery
  • Shared or Dedicated Seats
  • Located outside of Douglas
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Close to airport and transport
  • PC, Telephone and Printers
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Resilient Datacentre onsite
  • Dedicated 24/7 support
  • Secure onsite Parking
  • Kitchen and Rest Area
  • Storage
  • Guest Wi-Fi

Looking for a fully bespoke solution?

Our technicians can provide you with the best custom made solutions on the market, no matter whether you're a small business or large enterprise.

Our PlanB Features

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Here are excerpts from various support e-mails we have received over the last thirty days or so. Thanks again to our customers, nothing makes us happier than getting e-mails like these:

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Awesome support from technical

One of the best customer service and support in the world! Great company! Very satisfied!

Harry Shield
Working Perfectly

All systems working well and according to expectation. Senior management and staff in general very responsive when issues arise

James Neffn
Contacted support after Midnight

The guys were very understanding of my lack of knowledge. Happy with the service provided

Ben Stevenson