Dedicated Servers

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers, able to serve growing traffic websites and development environments, starting at just £34.75 for the first month

  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 24x7 Tech Support
  • DDoS Protection

Our Server Plans

Dedicated Servers at an affordable price. Located at our Tier 3 Dataentre in the Isle of Man

CPU Model CPU Speed Memory Storage Bandwidth Port Speed Price
E3-1220 3.10GHz4C / 4T 16GB 2 x 1TB SATA 1TB + 100Mbit +

£34.75/first month On sale - Save 50%

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E5-2640 V1 2.50GHz6C / 12T 32GB 2 x 1TB SSD 1TB + 100Mbit +

£58.15/first 3 months On sale - Save 50%

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E5-2640 V1 2.50GHz12C / 24T 64GB 2 x 1TB SSD
2 x 2TB SATA
1TB + 100Mbit +

£88.15/first 3 months On sale - Save 50%

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E5-2697 V2 2.70GHz24C / 48T 128GB 2 x 1TB SSD
4 x 2TB SATA
1TB + 100Mbit +

£138.15/first 3 months On sale - Save 50%

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All The Features Included

These features come standard in all of our server plans.

Custom Control Panel

Our intuitive control panel gives you admin access to all of your Dedicated Server easily.

Real-Life Human Beings

Tech veterans, geeks, and nerds are all standing by to optimize your experience whether.

1-Click Installer

You can install a number of operating systems automatically (Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS).

100% Uptime Guarantee

With multiple datacenter locations, redundant cooling, emergency generators and monitoring.

DDoS Protection

To guarantee maximum security for your infrastructures, an anti-DDoS system is included with all dedicated servers.

Dedicated IP

Every Dedicated Server includes 1 IPv4 Address and 1 IPv6 Address, you are able to purchase extra IP's via your client area.

Included Services

All these services and availble options are available with your dedicated server.

Anti-DDoS protection
Root / RDP Access
Premium Bandwidth
IPv4 address 1
IPv6 address 1
Location Isle of Man
Uptime Guarantee 99.95%
Operating Systems
Windows Server 2016 Standard £17.00 /month
Windows Server 2019 Standard £17.00 /month
Windows Server 2022 Standard £17.00 /month
CentOS 7
CentOS 8
Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 20.04
Control Panels
Plesk Web Admin Edition £7.60 /month
Plesk Web Pro Edition £11.35 /month
Plesk Web Host Edition £19.00 /month
cPanel Premier (Linux) £38.00 /month
Server Management
Server Essential £20.00 /month
Server Complete £50.00 /month
Support Features
Instant Setup
Ticket Support
Live Support

Optional Firewalls

Managed vFirewall Port with SSL VPN Dedicated vFirewall with SSL VPN


£30.00 /month

Get Started

£60.00 /month

Get Started

Setup Fee

£50.00 £100.00

Protected Hosts

1 Unlimited

Firewall Throughput

100 Mbps (contended) 100 Mbps (uncontended)

VPN Throughput

100 Mbps (contended) 100 Mbps (uncontended)

VPN Users

1 Unlimited

High Availability




*Requires a Subnet or NAT


Looking for a fully bespoke solution?

Our technicians can provide you with the best custom made solutions on the market, no matter whether you're a small business or large enterprise.

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Here are excerpts from various support e-mails we have received over the last thirty days or so. Thanks again to our customers, nothing makes us happier than getting e-mails like these:

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Awesome support from technical

One of the best customer service and support in the world! Great company! Very satisfied!

Harry Shield
Working Perfectly

All systems working well and according to expectation. Senior management and staff in general very responsive when issues arise

James Neffn
Contacted support after Midnight

The guys were very understanding of my lack of knowledge. Happy with the service provided

Ben Stevenson